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The process of either initiating or responding to a legal action relating to Family Law can be emotionally taxing. Particularly when unfamiliar with the legal process, either filing or responding to a Petition for Dissolution of Marrige or any other family/child related matter will likely cause stress and anxiety. Concerns over matters involving family, property and security will be addressed within your first office conference. Discussions regarding legal procedure and reasonable expectations based upon experience and court practice will help resolve your initial concerns involving legal procedure and the court's involvement.

                   FAMILY LAW SERVICES
Dissolution of Marriage                                                                   Parenting Plans
Motions to Modify                                                                            Joint Legal Custody Arrangements
Paternity                                                                                          Joint Physical Custody Arrangements
Child Support                                                                                  Adult Abuse Order of Protection Hearings
Child custody                                                                                  Child Protection Hearings

                                                                    WHERE TO BEGIN

                                                             Whether you are responding to a Petition that either has or may be served upon you or whether you will intend to                                                               initiate a procedure on your own, call Stephen Fleddermann to discuss your concerns.  Court procedures as well as reasonable expectations will be discussed giving you the tools to decide how to go further.  Call to initially  discuss either by telephone or personal appontment.
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